About Us

From design to manufacture, handcrafted etically with love, directly from us to you

Atelier Odenoir is a slow-fashion fashion label founded in 2012 in Berlin, Germany, by us Eleonora Colonna & Diego S. Pontecorvo.

As a couple in life, and as team working side by side, we put all our energy, dedication and love to offer you pieces of clothing made with increased craftsmanship value, appealing to emotional values and promoting a deeper and longer-lasting connection between the consumer and the garment: the clothes that we create with love and care are made to be loved and cherished by those who wear them.

We encourage people to become conscious about their choices, and to learn more about who made their clothes, finding meaning in what they wear.

Our Unisex permanent Collection: Season-less and Timeless design.

Every piece is handcrafted by us in our studio located in Berlin. We get inspired every day by the creativity that surrounds us and by the easy going, free and relaxed lifestyle of the people that live & flow in this outstanding city.

These essential ingredients mixed up with the tolerance & integration that define this city, help us to trace the path of our unisex NO GENDER style.

Our style is defined by a predominantly dark palette of black and grey that plays along with geometric cuts, with a clean minimal and modern aesthetic, focusing on a loose-fit, deconstructed approach to unisex silhouettes.

We are against fast fashion that works with the concept of planned obsolescence with intentional poor quality, creating ever-changing fashion trends and launching new collections every month to promote more consumption. We don’t follow this fleeting trends, we design quality garments that are season-less with timeless style.

With thoughtful design we aim to find the balance between originality and classic design to promote a longer use of each piece, avoiding unnecessary waste, and reducing harm to the environment.

Atelier Odenoir offers a permanent collection of timeless yet modern unisex pieces, which we offer every season without change.

This collection consistently represents our design philosophy and is the result of conscious and thoughtful design applied to summarize in each piece of clothing the ideals that represent us. Our collection was designed to stand the test of time, with pieces that will enhance your individual style regardless of current trends, offering comfort, functionality and quality, with materials that your body will love to wear over and over again. Our permanent collection goes beyond the concept of basic clothing, offering a new timeless wardrobe approach.

Our classics permanent collection is small, and we want to keep it that way. This is a curated collection with selected designs that have proven over the years to fulfill all our ideals and expectations and we are proud of them. They were not designed to follow any disposable fleeting trend, they were designed to last and be loved. From the most basic t-shirt to our most original design, every piece of our collection is the result of thoughtful design.

Of course we will continue adding new pieces to our collection, but as a sustainable slow fashion brand, we’ll do it slowly and consciously, ensuring that every product we offer truly represents the values we stand for.

Controlled production, with limited quantities made on demand.

Our way of counterbalancing one of the biggest problems in the fashion Industry: Overproduction

In an era where fast fashion has distorted our sense of value and everything is considered disposable, the never ending demand for clothing led not only to overconsumption but also fashion brands towards overproduction. Under the risk of underestimating the demand and loosing profit, brands prefer to overestimate future sales. As a consequence the fashion industry produces 150 billion garments every year, from which 30% is never sold, and massive amounts of dead-stock of unused excess fabric and unsold clothes pile up every year to finally end up in landfills or burned. This type of irresponsible behavior is not only disrespectful to the people who can‘t afford clothes, but also to our planet.

As a sustainable brand, at Atelier Odenoir, is part of our business model to address this matter ensuring a controlled production, with limited quantities made on demand. This means no wasted fabric, or unnecessary environmental impacts.

Our philosophy may slow down our manufacturing process and our shipping time to customers, therefor our sale potencial and volume may be restricted, but as a slow fashion brand, we consider this is a reasonable cost to pay, as on demand production leads to higher resource efficiency and prevents senseless raw material waste, respecting natural resources and our planet.

Another way we try to reduce waste is also reusing what we already have. All fabric rest, and also fabrics from prototypes or tests, we reuse the material to turn it into something else and as a consequence we never produce dead-stock.

In Atelier Odenoir we are committed to doing better. No stock, no sales, no unsold clothing ending up in landfills.

Eleonora Colonna

Diego S. Pontecorvo
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