In context of the fashion revolution week, we want to talk about sustainability.

Sustainable describes a system that perpetuates without creating harm to the environment, and for us as a slow fashion brand, it means to put ethics and transparency at our business core.

For this reason, is part of our design philosophy to join a movement of change towards environmental and social sustainability in the fashion industry, to reduce human impact on the enviroment and to guarantee social and ethical responsability in the process of production of our clothes. 

We also aim to to educate people to practice conscious and responsible consumption by promoting a sustainable slowfashion model.


1) We are against fast fashion that works with the concept of planned obsolescence with intentional poor quality, creating ever-changing fashion trends and launching new collections every month to promote more consumption.

 We design quality garments that are season-less with timeless style, to promote a longer use of each piece, avoiding unnecessary waste, and reducing harm to the environment.

2) We know that Garment transport generates a huge amount of C02, which can be reduced by minimizing the distances during production. 

Our products are handcrafted by us, this means that we are not only minimizing our carbon footprint but also guaranteeing social and ethical responsability to our garment workers, who are treated with respect with a livable wage and safe working conditions.

We try to increase the value of local production and traditional production techniques. We encourage people to become conscious about their choices, and to learn more about who made their clothes, finding meaning in what they wear. 

3)   We give great importance to the materials we work with, and we research every year to include more and more ecofriendly materials in our collection. 

For example, we are very proud to work with Tencel® and Modal®, the finest fibers made from trees from sustainable plantations in Austria.

To be produced, this fibers need much less water than cotton and this water is reused afterwards in a circular proccess. In addition, the Tencel® fiber we are using needs to be washed less often than other materials thanks to its antibacterial treatment. Remember that washing clothes has a very negative impact on the environment through the use of water, electricity, and not eco-friendly laundry detergents. 

This materials, and many others we are working with, also have an antipeeling treatment which guarantees that the garment will look like new even if you wear it everyday, prolonging its lifecycle.

We also use RECYCLED MATERIALS to promote Waste reduction.

Instead of using animal feathers as thermal insulator, for our thermo Schals we use a syntethic insulator made of 100% recycled PET Bottles, this way we become less reliant on fossil fuels, reducing harmfull emissions, and being animal friendly. Every Thermo Schal allows recycling of up to 3 PET bottles.

To sum up, our goal is to promote a system which works without leaving a negative footprint, guaranteeing environmental, social, and ethical improvements. We know that being 100% sustainable is complicated, but we are working activly to be more and more responsible with our bussiness and design decisions and we do our best to educate our audience and customers to become more responsible consumers aswell .

To generate change we must all do our part. 😉

*TENCEL® and MODAL® are brands of Lenzing AG. TENCEL® and MODAL® fibers are protected by a worldwide certification system.